MatriX.CoronaKO : Matrix Version of the CoronoKO Game

Around the same time of the year in 2021, Nenad Hrg released a computer game called CoronoKO. In this game we can play against the macro virus and defeat it. Now the developer has released a new update to the same game called MatriX.CoronoKO. In this update, you are fighting against the viruses that have infected your computer using the MatriX interface just like in the popular Matrix series of movies.

In the first installment of the Matrix movies, Neo gets the ability to see the world in the Matrix format where everything is made of green alphanumeric characters representing the program code of the Matrix. In a similar manner, you can see through the program code of the computer board and locate the virus.


The game offers six different fun modes to play the game – Save the Matrix, Quick Game 90 seconds, Find the last 66 viruses, Fire free – 3000, Don’t hit the red viruses, Neo’s favorite game 4:30 minutes. All these games use the same controls using the WSAD or the arrow keys on the keyboard for movement, left-click for blasting the virus and right-click for speeding up.

Depending on the game mode selected, you will have different goals in front of you. For most of these game modes, we can blast the red virus to blow up a large number of viruses around the area and score big. But in one of the modes, we have to avoid blasting the red virus.


MatriX.CoronaKO is a very small game (less than 1 MB in size) and it works on all the versions of Windows. The game uses OpenGL or DirectX for rendering. It is very lightweight and can be played either in the windowed mode or the full-screen mode. The game is very small for the modern day games, but it is so much fun.

You can download the MatriX.CoronaKO game from