Convert PDF to Other Document Types with UPDF Converter

PDF files are everywhere these days and they are the best file format when you want to print or share a document without change in its appearance. A PDF file opened on a Linux machine is going to appear the same as when accessed on a Windows machine using different PDF viewers. PDF files keep the format and look irrespective of the platforms and applications.

But when it comes to editing a PDF file, it becomes very difficult as it is not very easy to edit PDF files. First of all we need a good PDF editor to edit these files and then even with these editors, editing the contents of a PDF file is not as easy as when we edit a Microsoft Document or an image file. This is why so many people want to convert PDF files into other file formats.

If you are looking for a good PDF converter then you can try UPDF Converter. It is designed using the popular open-source Electron project. After the installation, it launches the UPDF Converter on its own. The user interface of the application supports drag-n-drop method for adding PDF files. You can also add PDF files by clicking on the Add Files button.

UPDF Converter

After you have added all the PDF files in the list of UPDF Converter window, you have to select a target file format such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel, CSV (command separated values), RTF, TXT, XML, PDF/A, HTML, or images (PNG, JPEG, GIF, BMP, TIF). When selecting  the Word format, we can choose whether the reconstruction is going to be continuous, exact or flowing.

Finally we can click on the Go button to start the conversion. The resulting converted files will be available from the same original folder. It is definitely a quick PDF to other format converter, however it is not free and is available only in the trialware package.

You can download UPDF Converter from