Bacula : Advanced Backup Software for Windows

Bacula is an advanced backup software for Windows. It is not really meant for the average Windows users but caters the need of system admins who have to backup not just one computer but all the computers connected to a network.

Bacula is not a single program but a group of programs that all work together to manage backups, perform recoveries, and to verify the computer data across a network of computers of different varieties. Using Bacula makes everything so easy for the system admins.

In addition, Bacula can also be used on single workstations. Using this set of applications, we can backup local files or folders to various types of media. Due to its modular design, Bacula is scalable from small single computer systems to systems consisting of hundreds of computers located over a large network.

Bacula Backup

Bacula makes use of SQL database servers for keeping a record of your files in various backups. It can use any of the two popular SQL servers /l mySQL and postgreSQL. The SQL servers should be installed and running on the local computers before we can use Bacula. After we have established mySQL server and it is running, we can launch Bacula.

Bacula group of programs are mainly CLI (command line interface) which are not easy for everyone. The next step is to start the Bacula services which are also called daemon on Linux. After this we can create new backup jobs/tasks and schedule or run them. Once you have successfully used this account, you can run those tasks.

Bacula is not meant for the beginners or even advanced users who have in-depth knowledge of files, backups, networking and more. The system admins and network managers are going to find Bacula a great time saver when making backups of entired networks.

You can download Bacula from