Epic Game Store Giveaway: Multiplayer Game Unrailed!

In the mid 19th century, the latest technology was the steam engine trains running on the railway tracks. Everyone wanted to work with the railway companies and learned about this new sensation. It was so fast and could carry so many people at once. This was something people had never seen before and were thrilled to be ride on the trains no matter what it took.

Now you can also feel the thrill and sensation of those early days of the railway trains through a video game called Unrailed!. In this video game, the player has to lay down railway tracks in a virtually unending world. You can keep building railway tracks as much as you can but the game is designed to generate more worlds, so that you will never run out of the land or other places where you can build the railway tracks.

Unrailed is a co-op multiplayer game which means that you can build a team for building the railway tracks. Each member of the team can be assigned a responsibility. At the beginning and the end of a gaming session, you can have virtual meetings with all the team members so that you can create your plans and carry them out efficiently. Your team members can be both local and online multiplayer gamers.


When building the railway tracks, you are going to encounter several problems and you have to address them in timely manner. You may get objections from the inhabitants in the area. It is your job to talk to these inhabitants and work things out. If they do not agree with you, then you will have to figure out a new path for the railway tracks.

The game reminds of the popular game Minecraft and can be run on any Windows PC as it does not have any special hardware requirements.

You can visit https://store.epicgames.com/en-US/p/unrailed-e19729 to claim your free copy of the Unrailed! game.