Picker Wheel : Helps Make You a Decision Quickly

There are so many times when all the friends in a group want to do something different. One person wants to go the McDonalds, the second person wants to go the Taco Bell, the third person wants to just binge watch Netflix and order from DoorDash and so on. If you have to decide only from two things then you can always flip a coin. But sometimes there are so many choices to pick from that you want someone else to decide the right choice for you. If you are also in a similar situation and cannot decide, then you can make use of an online app called Picker Wheel.

It is a web app which makes it very easy for you to make a decision. You might have a dozen things to pick from, this tool can do it easily in seconds. The user interface of Picker Wheel is similar to that of Wheel of Fortune that you might come across in Las Vegas.

Picker Wheel

You have to begin by adding all the options, items, inputs or choices to a list on the Picker Wheel web app. You can virtually add an unlimited number of items but it will become very confusing after adding too many items. When adding a new input, you can add a text or a picture or both. For adding a picture, it has to be uploaded from your computer.

These inputs can also be saved to a file and you can later just open this file in the web app to add all the inputs from this file into Picker Wheel. For exporting or importing the inputs from a file, you have to sign-up with Picker Wheel and login to your account but no account is necessary for using the Picker Wheel web app.

Picker Wheel

After adding all the inputs, we can click on the Spin button in the center of the wheel. The wheel begins to spin round and round for a few seconds. When the wheel stops, we know the the input or choice that it has elected for us.

For using Picker Wheel web app for making a tough decision into a piece of cake, you can visit Picker Wheel web app at https://pickerwheel.com/.