How to Switch NoxPlayer to the Fullscreen Mode

Lately I have been using Android on my Windows PC through NoxPlayer. It comes with Android 9 operating system and can be used from within Windows operating system. Using this Android emulator, we can play Android games and use Android apps on a typical Windows PC. It is particularly popular with the gamers who want to play Android games on their powerful desktop computers with larger screens.

Switch to fullscreen using mouse

When using NoxPlayer on a Windows PC, it starts in a medium size window. This window can be maximized and we can also switch this window into the fullscreen mode. In order to switch the NoxPlayer instance into the fullscreen mode we can click on the small “expand screen” icon in the right sidebar of this emulator.

NoxPlayer Fullscreen Mode

Once you are in the fullscreen mode, you can enjoy playing Android games, watch videos, engage with others over social networking apps and more. When you want to switch back to the windowed mode, you can just press the Escape key on your keyboard.

Switch to fullscreen using keyboard

In a similar way, we can switch NoxPlayer to the fullscreen mode using the hotkeys. There is a hotkey Alt+Enter which we can use for switching to the fullscreen mode. The same hotkey can be used to get out of the fullscreen mode and switch to the windowed mode. Alternatively, we can also use Escape key on the keyboard to turn off the fullscreen mode. Using the keyboard to get in and out of the fullscreen mode is very useful when you are playing games (especially racing games) and want to check something in the Windows system.

So these are two main methods using which we can turn on the fullscreen mode or get out back into the windowed mode.

You can download and install NoxPlayer on any Windows PC from