DVD Drive Repair : Restore Missing DVD Drives on Windows

These days we do not use many CDs or DVDs, but sometimes we have to check some of the older CD/DVD discs for the backups or drives etc. But sometimes when you insert the DVD in your DVD writer drive, Windows does not show anything. No matter how many times you try, the DVD drive completely disappears from your PC. Either the DVD drive icon is totally missing or the icon is shown but it does not load the discs anymore. Sometimes the Windows File Explorer displays the inserted DVD disc, but no other application can access files from it.

In these curious cases of missing DVD drives on a Windows PC, we can quickly fix the problems using a freeware tool called DVD Drive Repair. This software has all the tweaks and configuration fixing tools built into a single application. With just one click we can change the settings from our Windows computer and the DVD drive starts to work as usual.

DVD Drive Repair

DVD Drive Repair has a very easy to follow user interface. In the options, we have a choice to just repair the DVD drive problems. We can select “Just Repair” option and then click on the “Repair DVD drives” button. It makes all the necessary changes to your system. After this you are required to restart Windows. After the Windows has restarted, you should be able to find the missing DVD drive on Windows.

Among the options listed in DVD Drive Repair, there are options for resetting auto-run settings which are set in the Windows settings. These auto-run settings decide what happens when a new CD/DVD/BD is inserted and detected by Windows. Moreover, you can add protection again autorun malware which changes the autorun configuration to run malicious programs on your Windows PC.

You can download DVD Drive Repair from https://www.rizonesoft.com/downloads/dvd-drive-repair/.