Driver Techie : Windows Driver Scanner and Updater

The way your operating system interacts with the hardware is through a special set of software called device driver software. These device drivers are hardware specific and must be installed on your Windows PC before the operating system can recognize and use the respective hardware.

For example, if you attach an HP Wi-Fi 410 printer on your Windows 11 PC through a USB cable, it won’t work unless you first install the device driver software. It will be detected over the Wi-Fi network however, the USB cable connection is available only after the installation of the proper drivers.

Device drivers are often updated just like the operating system. We should install the available updated device drivers in order to get the latest vulnerability patches for the drivers and to access new features. With the help of Driver Techie, we can get both of these functions done automatically for us.

Driver Techie

It is a Windows application that can scan our Windows PC for outdated drivers, download the updated versions and install them for us. It can also scan for missing or faulty device that could be causing various errors in devices, slow down the operating system and even cause a complete system failure.

The user interface  of Driver Techie allows us to run a scan for any driver problems – outdated drivers, missing drivers, problematic drivers and mismatched drivers. After the scan you can see a list of all the drivers installed and if there is any updated versions available. You can choose which drivers to update and then click on the Update All button to fetch the latest drivers for your PC.

Driver Techie

In addition to scanning and updating the drivers, Driver Techie can be used to make a backup of your existing drivers. It makes the backup of all the installed drivers and allows us to restore them any time later. The backup comes handy if  a newer version of a driver does not work as expected.

Driver Techie is a complete driver management and updating solution for Windows. Scanning, updating, backing up, and restoring the drivers is very easy using Drive Techie.

You can download Driver Techie from