Fenêtre Capture Tool : Screen Capture Utility for Windows

Fenêtre Capture Tool is a free modern screen capture utility for Windows computers. It comes with a user interface that mixes well with the latest user interface being used by Windows 11. We can capture screenshots and save them as images using this too. We can also record the screen activity into videos along with the audio.

During the installation it is going to download more files from the internet which is necessary to enable the screen recording function. If you are installing it offline, then you will have access to screenshot features only.

In the user interface of Fenêtre Capture Tool, we can find all the usual screenshot related tasks- region capture, screen recording, current active window, select active window, active screen, and full-screen. We can choose any of these and capture the screen.

Fenêtre Capture Tool

The captured screenshot is displayed in another window. In this new window, we can options about what we can do with this screenshot. We can copy it to the clipboard, we can get it printed off a printer, save it as an image file, attach it with an email message, create new email message with the screenshot as inline image, edit the screenshot or delete the newly captured screenshot.

It comes with a full features screenshot editor with all the usual tools for annotating and basic editing requirements. We can draw lines, arrows, geometric shapes, add text, hide parts of the image and more.

Fenêtre Capture Tool

The screen recording into video works much in the same manner. But here we get to choose the recording region of the screen and the source of the audio. For the audio recording part we can choose the microphone, the system sounds mixer or the inline source.

Fenêtre Capture Tool supports multi-screen setup and we can capture the screens from any of these connected monitors. It can save the screenshots in a number of image file formats and the recorded videos can be saved either in the MP4 videos or GIF animations.

You can download Fenêtre Capture Tool from https://capturetool.fenetre.nl/.