Fluent Search : Search for Browsers, Files, Apps and More

Even though Windows comes with a search feature of its own, it is mostly limited to the file system. We can use Windows Search for finding files and folders. If you want a little more advanced search tool then you can try an open-source tool called Fluent Search. Using this tool, we can quickly search web browsers, files, running apps, processes, bookmarks, tabs and more.

The user interface of Fluent Search is not much different than that of Microsoft Cortana. Just like Cortana, Fluent Search displays the results in real time as you type in the search strings. For example, if you type “notep”, it will start to displays Windows Notepad in the search results along with links to launch it.

Fluent Search makes it really easy to find any of the running apps. We can launch Fluent Search, start typing the name of the app that is running, and quickly switch to its window. In this manner, we can switch to any of the running apps, web browsers, browser tabs, and more in a flash.

Fluent Search

Fluent Search search tool uses different computer resources to find results and what it searches can be configured in the settings. By default, it searches for the Files, Apps, Screen, Processes, Commands, Calculator, and Web. In the Fluent Search settings, we can disable or enable which of these resources are searched. In addition, Fluent Search using artificial intelligence using which Fluent Search knows your current workflow and uses machine learning models that are trained on your search history to learn your usage pattern, while storing the data locally.

Fluent Search is a perfect replacement or alternative to the Windows 10/11 search. Fluent Search can search for all the things on a Windows PC and shows the results instantly using machine learning abilities.

You can download Fluent Search from https://fluentsearch.net/.