How to Make 1by1 Play Gapless Music on Windows

When it comes to playing music on a Windows PC, we often think of music player application 1by1. It is a lightweight music player for Windows that can play MP3 files (among some other formats). It is a sequential music player that can play all the MP3 files inside a selected folder – hence the title 1by1. We can simply select one of the folders containing the MP3 files and it will start playing all of them one by one. We can also make it play the music files randomly and shuffle the list of the music files to make it more interesting.

One of the features of 1by1 is the gapless playback of the music files. Gapless playback is not a new feature and has existed since the days of LPs and audio compact discs. On a gapless playback audio CD, the tracks are not present one after another. But a few seconds of the ending of one track is merged with a few seconds of the beginning of the second track. When the music is played back on such audio CDs the next song starts playing a few seconds before the previous song has stopped playing. This makes the music non-stop and makes it very exciting for the music lovers.

1by1 Gapless Playback

We can have the gapless playback on 1by1 and bring about this effect on any MP3 files collection. For this, we have to first open 1by1 settings by clicking on the cogwheel icon in the 1by1 window.

In the settings window we have to first select the Audio section from the left side and then enable the checkbox labeled Enable Gapless. We can also enable this playback using the hotkey Ctrl+G anytime without going into the settings.

1by1 Gapless Playback

There are many options available for the gapless playback. We can enable silence skipping which skips the silence often present near the end of a track. We can enable overlapping which merges 10 seconds of the end of present track and 10 seconds of the beginning of the next track. We can also choose the buffer length of 10 seconds.

Gapless playback is a great feature and works really good when playing music in parties such as on the New Year’s. The people on the dance floor will not find a second when no music is being played. If you have not already installed 1by1 on your Windows PC, you can download 1by1 from