Lintalist : Quickly Manage Text Snippets on Windows

Some of us have to respond to hundreds of email messages and forum posts every single day at work. Most of these replies are basically canned speeches and we can simply copy-paste the same reply to many different queries. Some people, whom I have been fortunate enough to know in this field, keep a bunch of text files with canned speeches written inside them. All these text files are named accordingly so that they can find these files easily just by looking at their filenames.

But a much more efficient way towards this approach is through an app like Lintalist. It is a Windows application that can be used to manage text snippets easily. These saved text snippets can later be searched using various keywords and categories just as you would search for something on an online search engine.


Lintalist saves these text snippets in what the developer calls bundles. Each bundle can have many text snippets saved inside them. In fact when we start Lintalist for the very first time, we have to create a new bundle and give it a name that describes what kind of data is going to be saved inside it.

Even though Lintalist places its icon in the notification area of Windows desktop, and we can access all its functions from there, it also offers hotkeys for faster access. We can open the snippets list window by tapping on the Caps Lock key on the keyboard – it won’t turn on the Caps Lock as long as Lintalist is running. For adding new text snippet we can use the F7 hotkey after launching the Lintalist list window.


Bundles can be shared with others and they can use your bundles in their computer just like your have been using. It also comes with bundle converter and we can import simple lists and bundles from other programs like UltraEdit or Texter.

You can download Lintalist from