Recover Lost Files with Apeaksoft Data Recovery

Apeaksoft Data Recovery is a Windows software for recovering lost data. It can recover data lost due to many reasons – accidental file operations, operating system crashes, lost partitions, malware infections, inaccessible drives and so on. It even claims to help you recover data in case of damaged memory cards and overwritten data situations, however the details reveal just simple workarounds like recovering files from backups.

Handles all types of data recovery

This data recovery software aims data recovery in three situations – deleted data recovery, hard drive recovery and partition recovery. The deleted data recovery is meant for situations when your files were lost because of accidental deletions, emptying the recycle bin or using the Erase command. The hard drive recovery addresses hard drives where partition tables are messed up. The partition recovery is for the times when partition is lost because of re-partitioning or closing improperly.

Apeaksoft Data Recovery

Fast three step data recovery

Apeaksoft Data Recovery has a wizard like user interface. We begin by selecting the data type we are trying to recover and the data locations from where we want to recover. The data type could be images, videos, documents, audio files, and more.

In the next step, it starts to scan the selected locations for the lost data. Unlike some other data recovery software, it automatically uses both the quick and deep scans. The results of the scan are displayed in its window. All the files that it has found are displayed categorized in various types like video, archive, document, image, audio etc.

For recovering any of these files, we can simply select the files from the list and click on the Recover button. It can also show a preview of the image files before you can recover them.

Apeaksoft Data Recovery

Pause and resume scan on other computers

Apeaksoft Data Recovery comes with the ability to save the scan progress in special files with SPF format. The benefit of this is that we can pause the scan, save the scan progress in SPF files and continue later. We can attach the hard drive (from which data is to be recovered) to any computer, copy the SPF files to that computer and resume the scanning on that computer.

Apeaksoft Data Recovery


Apeaksoft Data Recovery works really fast and handles all kinds of data recovery from all kinds of memory storage devices. It does not burden the system and works even on computers with less than 2 GB RAM. We tried it on a Windows 11 PC and it found more than 75,000 deleted files in just a few seconds. This is really fast scanning from any data recovery software.

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