Create Apache .htpasswd Files on Windows with HTPasswd Manager

Out of all the web servers used in the world, Apache HTTP Server and Microsoft IIS are the most popular of them all. If you buy a subscription for the Linux based hosting then you are likely to get Apache web server based hosting. Similarly, if you want to get Windows platform hosting then you are going to get Microsoft IIS based web hosting.

On the Apache web server, we can password protect a directory easily by adding htpasswd file in that directory. This file contains the username and corresponding passwords in the encrypted format. It is very easy to use and this is why it is so popular among the Apache web server users.

Problem with using htpasswd is that Linux users can create this file very easily because all the tools are easily available through the Linux shell. But for the Windows users it become very difficult. But now even Windows users can create htpasswd file without resorting to any workarounds using the free HTPasswd Manager.

htpasswd Manager

This software has a comprehensive user interface and helps the user create the htpasswd file through its graphical user interface. We can add a site to start with creating this file. After that we can click on the Add User button in the toolbar to open the new user interface for the newly added site.

In the new user window, we can add username, password, creation date, expiry date, name and e-mail address for that user. The password can be entered manually or we can use its strong password generator to create the password for us. The whole project can be saved in a project file which allows later editing of the various parameters.

htpasswd Manager

When you are ready we can click on the Create htpasswd button in the toolbar to create the .htpasswd file which can be uploaded to your Apache server’s directory. The tool also comes with the FTP feature using which you can upload the htpasswd file directly through the HTPasswd Manager.

HTPasswd Manager is really helpful when managing the Apache server password protected directories. Its GUI makes it very convenient for everyone to create the htpasswd files. However, it is recommended that you test these files first before deploying them in an online web server.

You can download HTPasswd Manager Free from