Tray FM : Listen to Online FM Radio Stations on Windows

If listening to online radio stations on your Windows PC is something you like to do, then you can try Tray FM. It is a portable online radio player for Windows. It comes with dozens of online radio stations pre-configured. But we can add more stations manually if so desired.

During the installation, we get the option to create a portable version of the Tray FM application. We can then copy the portable folder to any location including a portable USB drive and run it from there.

After launching Tray FM places itself in the notification area (system tray) of the Windows desktop. We can right-click on the notification area icon of Tray FM to access any of the radio stations from its library.

Tray FM

The selected radio stations start to play after some buffering. In just one click, we can change our radio stations by selecting them from a number of categories such as Pop, News, World News, Rock, Jazz, Classical etc. If you want to edit the library of the online radio stations, then you can do so by selecting the library from the notification area menu for Tray FM. You can find many more online radio stations from the SHOUTcast library.

Tray FM

In the settings for Tray FM, we can choose various options such as ability to respond to the media keys on a multi-media keyboard to play/pause the audio. We can make it automatically play the last radio station. We can also choose an action to be taken when we double-click on the notification area icon. We can also choose light or dark theme for the menu.

Tray FM

Tray FM runs on all versions of Windows starting from Windows Vista to Windows 11. It is a great way for have free information or entertainment available from many great radio stations available online such as BBC World, Voice of America, RFI Monde, CPR News and hundreds more.

You can download Tray FM from