Epic Games Store Giveaway : Alba – A Wildlife Adventure

Epic Games store is giving away “Alba – A Wildlife Adventure” this week. In this game, you get the opportunity to give a helping hand to the mother nature. This game teaches you the importance of helping all the animals big or small. If these beautiful animals do not survive then it will create a huge imbalance in the ecosystem, it will make this planet inhabitable and nothing will survive in the end.

In this game, you play as Alba, a small girl who is visiting her grandparents in a beautiful Mediterranean island. However when she reaches the island, she spots an animal in danger. She must to something about it and rescue that animal. But that animal is not the only one who needs help.

As she explores the wildlife of this beautiful island, she realizes that more action is needed for helping the flora and fauna of this place. She gets support from her grandfather who is himself an avid bird watcher.

Alba : A Wildlife Adventure

As Alba meets more people and talks about the necessity to save wildlife, she garners more support from many people. She and her friends form an organization called AIWRL to save the island. Will raising voice for helping the wildlife animals work? You have to discover what happens by playing this game.

If Alba can save the wildlife of one island, who is stopping us from doing the same? We can also work towards similar goals in our own regions of the world.  A small girl Alba can become an inspiration for everyone because without us, nothing of this beautiful wildlife will remain for the future generations to admire.

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