SeeMusic : Record from Any Musical Instrument with MIDI

If you have any musical instrument with a MIDI output port, then you can connect it to your Windows PC and record the music directly from the instrument. For example, most of the music keyboards come with MIDI output. You also need a MIDI input port in your Windows PC. Many motherboards on a PC provide such ports at the back of the computer cabinet.

If you have a computer that does not have MIDI input port, then you can get a simple MIDI to USB interface adapter from Amazon. Using this adapter, you can connect your musical instruments to your Windows PC. But having a cable connection alone is not enough. You would also need a software like SeeMusic.

SeeMusic is a music recording software that facilitates recording of music directly from the instruments through a  MIDI interface. SeeMusic focuses on the visual element of the music playback. For example, if your music keyboard is connected to your PC, then it can display a 3D piano animation rendering.


After connecting to any music keyboard or instrument with MIDI output, we can use SeeMusic to record synchronized audio and MIDI data. It can also playback and render visualizations of musical performances, even without an instrument.

SeeMusic can be used to make Youtube videos of your musical performances. The developers of SeeMusic suggest recording of the music from the MIDI connection to your instrument and then create a visualization of the recordings using SeeMusic. You can save MIDI recordings and playback them later without needing the original music instruments.

They also suggest to use a camera to record yourself playing music and then combine the visualization and then the video together to create a great Youtube video. In fact the SeeMusic software can integrate live webcam video stream so that your video can be placed inside a smaller rectangular area in the video.

You can download SeeMusic from