WinFi Lite : Wireless Networks Analysis Tool for Windows

Wireless networks are everywhere these days. There is hardly any home or office without one or more WiFi networks available. If your organization also uses multiple WiFi networks, then you know how quickly it can become very hard to monitor and manage all of them. Now with the help of a free tool called WinFi Lite, we can analyze and diagnose WiFi networks of all kinds. It is a very powerful tool for WLAN analysis on your Windows computer.

WinFi Lite works on all Windows computers without any problem. Unlike some other WiFi sniffing tools (e.g. aircrack-ng), it does not require a particular WiFi network card containing specific chipsets. It works all kinds of network interfaces available on your Windows PC.

The free Windows tool WinFi Lite shows detailed information about all WLAN networks in your immediate vicinity. For all the networks, it displays the SSID, network name, vendor ID, RSSI, beacon, min rate, max rate, bandwidth, channel, channel width, supported protocol, security type, up-time and more.

WinFi Lite

The application does not require any setup or configuration. It simply works out of the box. As soon as you start WinFi Lite, this free wireless network analyzer will show you all the useful information about your WiFi networks along with all other WiFi networks in your neighborhood from which the program is able to detect any signal.

This information can be useful for checking the setup of the WiFi networks. For example, you can run WinFi Lite after setting up a new WiFi router. You can verify whether your WLAN router is working as configured by you. Similarly, the application is useful when diagnosing the errors in the WiFi router configuration. We can quickly check the security and the bandwidth usage information about WiFi networks too.

You can download WinFi Lite from