How to Disable Tabs Manager Menu on Firefox Browser

It started with Opera web browser, but now many other web browsers have adopted the feature called tab manager menu. It is available in the Firefox web browser too for some time now. Basically it shows the list of all the open tabs in form of a drop-down menu in the titlebar of the browser. This tabs manager menu allows for very quick and easy access to any of the tabs. We can use this tabs manager to jump to any of tabs instantly. It is very useful if you have dozens of tabs open in the Firefox browser.

Despite being very useful, it might not be your cup of tea if you do not open so many tabs that you require some special features in order to manage the opened tabs.

Disable Firefox Tabs Manager

You can disable this tabs manager in the following manner in the Firefox web browser:

  1. Launch Firefox web browser, enter about:config in the address bar and agree to accept the risk to proceed.
  2. Search for the setting named browser.tabs.tabmanager.enabled and double-click on it to change its value to false.
  3. Restart the Firefox web browser for the changes to take effect and get rid of the tabs manager.Disable Firefox Tabs Manager

The web browser must be restarted before you can see the tabs manager menu disappear from the titlebar of the Firefox web browser. If you want the same tabs manager restored, then you can repeat all these steps as mentioned above – only difference being that this time you will be changing the value to true instead of “false”.

Unfortunately changing this setting is not possible through the regular Firefox preferences interface. This is why you have to use the Advanced Preferences interface. Using Advanced Preferences interface could be risky as changes made might break on or more features of the web browser.