NightTab : Dark Themes New Tab Page for Chrome

Dark themes and dark colors are everywhere these days – operating systems, apps, websites and more. The reason for sudden outburst of popularity in the dark themes and dark modes is that they save your eyes from unnecessary strain when you are using your device at night time. This is also true in the case of day time if the screen is placed where not enough ambient day light is available.

If you are a Chrome web browser user then you can add a dark style new tab page in it using the free NightTab extension. This extension changes the new tab page in the Chrome web browser. So when you open a new tab after installing the NightTab extension, you will see a dark themes new tab page with many new features.

NightTab for Chrome

The new tab page displays the current time and date, a search box and a number of bookmark tiles arranged by categories. It displays a number of bookmark tiles of its own but it also displays the websites that you have visited the most in these tiles. You can also manually add, edit and change these tiles.

The new tab page can also be customized in all possibly ways. We can add new group and new bookmarks in those groups. We can edit all the objects being displayed on the new tab page. We can change the text accent color for the new tab page.

NightTab for Chrome

We can choose a color scheme to be used quickly by selecting a theme from hundreds of themes available. We can also design our own themes by choosing colors for various parts.

There are options to customize the layout, header, bookmarks, group, toolbar and other data. The extension allows backup and restore of your NightTab settings as well as the bookmarks.

You can get the NightTab for Chrome from