Reg Organizer : Clean Junk and Optimize Windows

Even though the title of this software might indicate that it is Registry related software, Reg Organizer is a system maintenance, junk cleaner and Windows optimizer software. It also has some features that can streamline the Windows registry however, it focuses more on the overall system maintenance. It offers many functions categorized under various labels.

The user interface of the Reg Organizer software allows you to switch back and forth between the light and the dark themes. You can do so by clicking on a small light-bulb icon in its toolbar. For changing the theme, it automatically restarts the application.

There are many different features all of which are split into categories for all users and for advanced users. Features like cleaning the junk files and web browser history are for all users. Features for management of startup applications are designated only for the advanced users.

Reg Organizer

Reg Organizer has a feature called “Express Check” which can be used to instantly run a number of scans on your system. This feature can show you whether you have some junk files or leftover entries that needs cleaning up, whether your startup applications needs fine tuning, whether your apps need any updates, or whether privacy items need cleaning etc.

The “System Cleanup” can find unwanted or problematic items and remove them for you. I can scan your system in locations such as drivers, main temporary folder, user temporary folder, program crash dump, Explorer thumbnails, program error reports, system activity logs and more.

The software comes with a feature that allows for easy installation, removal or monitoring of applications. Using this section, we can install software with tracing (it monitors everything the software does so that all  the steps can be undone later), we can install application updates, we can remove application leftovers, and we can use dedicated removal tools for getting rid of stubborn software.

All things considered, Reg Organizer is a great software to keep your system updated and to optimize the performance of your Windows PC.

You can download Reg Organizer from