Make HTML Photo Gallery with Vovsoft Create Image Gallery

Vovsoft Create Image Gallery is a software for creating HTML based photo galleries. These galleries can then be uploaded to a web server so that anyone can browse through them.

The software is available as a portable application and can be used to create HTML photo galleries using your collection of pictures. There are no restriction as to the number of photos to be used or the size of the pictures used.

The software provides ready-to-use settings that work out of the box. But you can also customize the photo gallery in terms of thumbnail width, thumbnail height, margin, border size, number of columns, background color, border type, border color etc.

The first thing you have to do is to add your pictures to a list in the Vovsoft Create Image Gallery window. You can add individual image files or just select a folder containing all of the images that you want to use in the photo gallery. It accepts many different type of pictures including JPEG and PNG. You can also change the order of the image files in the list by using the up, down buttons provided under the list itself.

Vovsoft Create Image Gallery

After you have added all of your image files and are satisfied with the various settings, you can click on the Create button to finish creating the HTML photo gallery. It will ask you where to save the HTML files, thumbnails and the image files. The gallery will be opened in your default web browser immediately after it has been created. The gallery offers zoom-in and navigational buttons by itself.

Vovsoft Create Image Gallery is a small and fast tool to quickly create HTML photo galleries. You do not need any knowledge of HTML or any other language in order to work with it.

You can download Vovsoft Create Image Gallery from