AmindPDF : Create, Combine, Compress and Edit PDF Files

AmindPDF is a software that offers all the tools necessary to create or edit PDF files on a Windows PC. It is not just another virtual printer that lets you print any document into a PDF file. It is an actual editor that allows you to add or remove  text blocks, images or links to the PDF document.

If you want to create a new PDF file then AmindPDF can start a new PDF file which is completely blank. You can start adding your own content into this PDF file. However, everything is added in terms of blocks which makes creating to editing a PDF file a little bit different from working with Microsoft Word. In a similar way, you can edit an existing PDF file using AmindPDF. In addition, it also allows converting of other documents like Microsoft Document into PDF files.

If you have a number of PDF files containing only a few pages then you can combine them all into a large PDF file. You have to start by selecting smaller PDF files and arranging them in the proper order. After this, you can simply click on the merge button to join them all together. In a similar way, you can split a large PDF file into smaller ones containing only a smaller set of the large file.


AmindPDF is also a really useful tool for converting PDF files into other popular file formats. It can convert PDF files into Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint and many image file formats. It can convert PDF files into JPEG, PNG, BMP, TIFF and GIF image file types.

Other than all these features that allow you to create, edit, annotate, combine, split and convert PDF files, AmindPDF can also be used as a regular PDF reader. If you have AmindPDF installed on your Windows PC, then you do not really need any other PDF software.

You can download AmindPDF from