Gilisoft Copy Protect : Protects Documents & Media Files

When you publish your media files (pictures, audio files or videos) online, then sometimes they start being illegally circulated all over the internet without giving any credit to the original creator. Similarly, e-books, PDF files and Microsoft Office documents (Word, PowerPoint, Excel) could be distributed on the internet without your permission.

In order to prevent such illegal distribution of your files, you can copy-protect your files using Gilisoft Copy Protect. It is a software that can protect many different types of files in just a few seconds. It creates either GCM files or EXE files which both require password access.

Gilisoft Copy Protect has a tabbed user interface, and we can access all the different features under various tabs. In order to protect files and documents, you have to start adding them to the Gilisoft Copy Protect list. For each of the these files, you can add a user who can access the file with a preset password. In the demo version of this software, this password is always the same.

Gilisoft Copy Protect

This application can also put many restrictions to the files such as prohibit copying, printing, pasting etc. We can prevent it from being run under the virtual machines, prevent screenshots, prevent running when PC is connected to the Internet and more.

There is another anti-copy feature that binds the files to a specific computer, mobile phone, USB drive, CD/DVD, etc. This way the files can be accessed only when it is present from those devices on which it was bound.

Gilisoft Copy Protect

In addition, Gilisoft Copy Protect also offers DRM protection for media files, keeping the passwords into encrypted password wallets, and hide files secretly on any storage device. It can also disguise files as some other objects on a Windows PC too. For example, it can hide files as Recycle Bin.

You can download Gilisoft Copy Protect from