AudioZip : Manage MP3 Music Collection on Windows

If you have hundreds or thousands of music files that have become unmanageable then you can give a try to AudioZip. It is a Windows application that helps in managing of the audio files or music collections on a local computer. It can handle a large number of MP3 files for which we can modify the ID3 tag metadata and rename them accordingly.

AudioZip works with archives that contain MP3 files. If your music files are packed inside 7Z or ZIP archives, then you can select this archive and it will do the rest. It will extract the contents of the archive into a folder and rename the files based on the metadata ID3 tags.

For this to work, we have to select the archive file to begin with. The program can work in two other different modes as well – folder mode and the file mode. In the folder mode, you have to select a folder containing the music files. Similarly, you can also select an individual MP3 file if you want to rename it.


It reads the MP3 ID3 tags for all the selected music files. If a music file does not contain any metadata, then we can add the tags ourselves manually using an inbuilt ID3v1 and ID3v2 tag editor. In addition, it can also add other type of tags used by other audio file formats.

The tool comes with an in-built music player. We can select an audio file and then use the built-in player to play it. The volume level can also be adjusted using the player controls. Clicking on the Rename buttons is going to rename the music files based on the information from the tags.

AudioZip is a useful little utility for management of offline music collection. It works with many different music files and can also be used to extract audio tracks from an audio CD.

You can download AudioZip from