Clean & Tune Up Windows PC with ASCOMP Cleaning Suite

It happens sooner or later to every single Windows PC. After a few months of regular use, the Windows PC starts to boot slower and its overall performance degrades. This is not due to some hardware problem but because of a number of unnecessary files piling up on the local storage drive. These junk files and obsolete entries cause Windows to load slower and force the files to load a tad slower.

Sometimes, the situation becomes so bad that a really good Windows PC starts to take more than 5 mnutes just to boot into the Windows Desktop. By the time, the Windows logon screen appears, you can go to the coffee shop, have a really good cup of hot coffee and come back home. Fortunately, the solution to this problem is very easy.

With the help of the a special software called ASCOMP Cleaning Suite, we can clean the junk files from your PC and make it significantly faster. This junk cleaning is done through a module called Drive Cleaner. In addition it also comes with five other useful tools such as Startup Cleaner, Uninstaller, Registry Cleaner, Recycler and RAM Cleaner.

Cleaning Suite

The startup cleaner can show you all the entries that are auto-loading programs as soon as Windows loads. Some of these entries are left behind by the software that has already been uninstalled. By removing these unwanted or junk entries, we can improve the Windows startup speed.

The uninstaller component of ASCOMP Cleaning Suite can remove the programs from your PC very easily. The registry cleaner can help you scan and remove the obsolete, incorrect or orphan entries from the Windows Registry. By compacting the registry which is loaded at the system boot, you can further improve the system performance.

All the six tools that ASCOMP Cleaning Suite comes with can be used together to clean, optimize and improve the overall performance of any Windows PC.

You can download ASCOMP Cleaning Suite from