CapCut Video Editor : Free, Fast & Powerful Video Editor

CapCut Video Editor is a freely available video editing software for desktop and mobile platforms. It was originally designed for the TikTok users so that they can edit and process their videos before sharing them over TikTok. But now it is available for everyone through their website.

CapCut Video Editor is an easy-to-use video editing software but it also packs many advanced features. It is a very practical tool for creating smaller video clips (as often you find on TikTok, YouTube Shorts or Twitter). If you want to have an easy-to-use software with simplified functions then you are going to love it.

CapCut Video Editor looks just like other video editors that have a timeline based interface, for example, Filmora. You can add the video clips, music clips and the images on the time line in the order that you desire. Then you can join them together to produce the final clip. Even though the CapCut user interface looks like timeline based video editors, it has been highly simplified. It has all the usual functions but they have been designed to be very simple and easy for users of all experience levels.

CapCut Video Editor

You can start by adding video, images or audio files to the timeline. You can use the drag-n-drop action for adding these files. Then you arrange them in the proper order on the timeline, edit individual clips and add filters or effects. There are many variations of making these videos and you can keep experimenting with the videos until you find the one that satisfies your requirements.

CapCut Video Editor is absolutely free, very high quality video editor that works on all the platforms – on some platforms through an emulator. It can be run on macOS, Linux and on Windows for producing stunning videos.

You can download CapCut Video Editor from