Extreme Picture Finder : Search for Images on the Internet

If you want to search the internet for an image, you can open a web browser and try one of the search engines like Bing. But sometimes, you want to search for an image using the same word or phrase on all the popular search engines at the same time. To make things easier and faster when looking up the images on the Internet, we can use an application called Extreme Picture Finder.

This software allows you to search the Internet using all the known search engines for an image using a given keyword. In addition there are many other websites like Flickr that you want to look up for an image using this software. We can also search a specific website for images using this application.

It is a powerful and convenient tool designed to find various pictures from websites. Using this software, we can easily search for any photos, wallpapers and other pictures from any website. The search results are displayed inside the Extreme Photo Finder window.

Extreme Picture Finder

We can view the full size images using the built-in browser or save it to the local storage drive. And you can instantly view the downloaded files in the built-in image viewer. Furthermore, it can also download only the URLs of the images instead of downloading the actual images from the Internet.

When you search for a keyword, it stores the results locally so that you do not have to keep downloading the search data over and over again. Next time you search for that same keyword using the same options, it will display the search results much faster than before.

While testing this program on Windows 11, it was found to be very fast compared to searching for the images from inside a standard web browser.

You can download Extreme Picture Finder from https://www.exisoftware.com/.