Use Popular AI Chatbot ChatGPT Using Desktop Application

ChatGPT is an AI based chatbot that is making the waves all over the world. No matter where you go the discussion slowly flows towards this powerful AI bot. It offers free access for everyone who has an OpenAI account. After its release in November 2022, it became instant hit everywhere. Many hundred articles have been written about it in various newspapers and magazines.

The great advantage of using ChatGPT is that you can chat with it like you are chatting with your real life friend. You can ask questions and it gives you very very detailed human like answers. If you didn’t know before hand, you will actually believe that you are chatting with a human.

ChatGPT is available through its Open AI website. But for this, you have to launch a web browser, login to OpenAI account and then access ChatGPT at But now an unofficial desktop application is available for using ChatGPT from any of the main desktop platforms. It works on Microsoft Windows, Apple macOS and a number of Linux variations.


On a Windows PC, an MSI installer is available for ChatGPT desktop application. After the installation, you can launch ChatGPT desktop application from its desktop shortcut. After accessing the OpenAI website ( it will show you a login interface. You can create a new OpenAI account or you can login using the existing OpenAI credentials.

In the settings for the ChatGPT desktop application, you can change the color theme between dark and light. You can change the user agent for the system tray icon and for the application itself. You can change the origin for the AI from to custom URL if you have been running ChatGPT on a custom server of your own.

One advantage of using this desktop application is that you can export the chat history easily and receive system tray notifications from ChatGPT.

You can download ChatGPT Desktop Application from