RawTherapee : Free Software to Enhance Digital Photographs

When I was checking the latest smartphones, I discovered Infinix Zero Ultra that has 200 megapixel AI supported camera. With such powerful cameras, who can stop themselves from snapping tons of pictures all during a day. And if you have already become somewhat of an amateur photographer then the first thing you would realize that you have to manage hundreds and thousands of these photos.

If you want to manage, edit and enhance the digital pictures produced by any kind of digital camera, then you can use an open-source software called RawTherapee. It works on all the major operating systems like Windows, Linux and macOS.

It comes with a non-destructive image processing engine which means that the original data from the RAW image is not modified and at the same time the image is edited. It is a very novel concept and the overall advantage is that the original image data is never lost by any kind of editing.

Even though you can get the most out of RawTherapee on a 64-bit Windows PC with a powerful GPU, 16 GB of RAM and at least an Intel Core i7 processor, it can also be used on standard Windows machines with lower specs. It is available for both 64-bit and 32-bit machines, but latest versions are available only for 64-bit machines and future development is going to prefer 64-bit computing.


For the users who have worked with other similar tools (like the ones from Adobe) will find themselves in familair territory. The user interface of RawTherapee might look a bit complicated for the beginners. The interface contains file browser and the editor panels on the left side. Rest of the tools are on the right-side.

It comes with many bundled profiles. Each of these profiles can quickly make multiple modifications to your pictures. For example, there is a bundled profile for popping the skin ton. There are many interesting profiles and you can also create your own processing profiles for quickly processing images.

RawTherapee is a very powerful software for processing, retouching and enhancing your photos. All photographers, whether amateur or professional, should have RawTherapee  installed on their PC.

You can download RawTherapee from https://www.rawtherapee.com/.