Convert DVD to MP3 with Tipard DVD to MP3 Converter

There are some movies that have really interesting soundtracks. For example, the latest installment in the Wonder Woman series of movies had a really good soundtrack. Not only I watched Wonder Woman 1984 twice, but later I also enjoyed listening to the original soundtrack of the movie.

If you also want to listen the music from a DVD movie, then you can extract it into MP3 files very easily using a freeware tool called Tipard DVD to MP3 Converter. Of course, this tool does not work with copyrighted material or DRM protected content.

In the user interface of the Tipard DVD to MP3 Converter, we can select the DVD from the DVD drive itself, or select a folder where the DVD folder structure is located. As soon as you select the DVD disc, it will start to analyze the disc. There are two methods that it uses for analysis – one is manual selection and another is progressive selection.

Tipard DVD to MP3 Converter

After going through all the available tracks on the DVD, it will show you a list of all the found tracks. We can select which of the tracks are to be converted int MP3 files. For each of these files, we can also clip the tracks and select to convert only a portion of the full audio stream. We can click on the “Convert” button to start the actual conversion process.

Tipard DVD to MP3 Converter is a very useful tool to have if you want to extract the audio stream only from a DVD movie. The software can also export the audio stream into other formats such as OGG Vorbis, MP3, MP2 and WAV. If you want to create smaller audio files then MP3 is the best choice among all of these formats.

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