SlippyClerk : Generate Sequenced Strings in Seconds

Sometimes we have to type in sequenced words or phrases such as “Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3,…” etc.  These sequences can be made of hundreds of items. If you start typing them manually, then it will take a very long time and you will end up having a headache. Even if you copy-paste the commonly occurring words, you still have to manually type the numbers. The same is true for the letter based sequences such as – “Sample A, Sample B, Sample C,….”

If you know a little bit of computer programming then you can use a “for” loop to repeat the letters or numbers and produce the desired list. But if you do not want to write a simple program in any language, then you can use a professionally designed tool called SlippyClerk.

It is a portable tool which can be used to generate number or letter sequenced strings. This tool has three tabs  – first tab is for generating the number sequences, the second tab is for generating the letter sequences, and the third tab is for a mixed type of sequences (both numbers and letters).


For all the sequences, you have to specify the common prefix and suffix, the separator and the range of the sequences. It displays a preview of the sequence before you can generate the full sequence which could take a longer time.

As far as the number based sequences are concerned, we can use SlippyClerk to create sequences from 1 to 1 million. Of course, if you create a very long sequence, it is going to take both the CPU power and the memory. The letter based sequences are limited to the English alphabet (from A to Z).

The sequences created by SlippyClerk can be exported to a plain TXT file or can be copied to the Windows clipboard.

You can download SlippyClerk from