TouchMousePointer : Emulate Trackpad on a Touchscreen

Modern computers are coming with a touch-screen which acts just like a smartphone. We can use fingers or a stylus to touch on the screen and take actions for which we would otherwise use a mouse, touchpad, trackpad or some other pointer device. But when the touchscreen is not working very well then you can use the touchpad emulation software Tablet Pro TOUCH (formerly known as TouchMousePointer).

This software creates a virtual touchpad/trackpad on the computer screen. We can use the virtual touchpad on computer screen to make precious clicks/double-clicks and various other touchpad gestures. For example, you can use the three finger or two finger gestures which are usually available only from a physical touchpad.

After you have installed TouchMousePointer on your PC, it will place an icon in the notification area of the Windows desktop. From this notification area icon, we can choose the type of touchpad/trackpad we want – floating, full-screen, side, or artist. You can also make special touchpads appear on the screen such as gamepad, or quick panel.

Tablet Pro TOUCH

When the virtual trackpad appears on your screen, you can use it just as you would use an actual touchpad that comes with a typical laptop. This touchpad also has two buttons – left click button and right-click button. It also has a touch area which can be used for multi-touch gestures. For example, you can increase or decrease the volume using three-fingers slide-up or slide-down gestures.

Tablet Pro TOUCH

TouchMousePointer is now a part of the Tablet Pro software. When you install Tablet Pro software, you have to choose the custom installation option. Then it will display the three components to be installed from where you can choose to install the Tablet Pro TOUCH. There is not need to install the other two components in order to use TouchMousePointer.

You can download TouchMousePointer (Tablet Pro TOUCH) from