Epic Games Store Giveaway : Adios

This week Epic Games store is giving away another game called Adios. It is a game about a pig farmer who raises piglets at his farm. But what looks like an ordinary pig farm has a dark secret hidden behind it. This farmer accepts money for letting the mob dispose off the remains of their enemies using the pig farm.

The mob goons pay him a visit every now and then. They have the remnants of what used to be a human. They dump these parts into the feeding area of the pig farm. The pigs take care of the rest.

However, this farmer (which is the character you play as the gamer) is getting tired of this relationship with the mob. He wants to put an end to this awkward business setup. So one morning he gathers enough courage to deny the mob the use of his pig farm facilities. He knows that the mob does not let anyone leave the arrangement alive.


This is where the game takes an interesting turn. What happens next, depends on your decisions. In the game, you can engage in conversation with others, you have to make decisions and based on your actions, the outcome is decided. The game deals with some very psychologically stressful topics.

Adios can be played on an entry level gaming computer. It does not support integrated graphics processor. You have to use a dedicated graphics card such as Nvidia GeForce GTX 670. The RAM requirements are very low – it can be played on a PC with just 4 GB of RAM. But it will surely run smoother with more RAM.

You can claim the giveaway game Adios by visiting https://store.epicgames.com/en-US/p/adios-b378b4. In order to download and install the game on your PC, you will need Epic Games launcher which can also be downloaded from the same website.