FasterFiles : Configure Hotkeys on a Windows PC

After you have used any standard Windows PC for some time, you come to realize that we can save a lot of time by using hotkeys. A hotkey is a combination of some keys assigned to carry out an action. For example, we often use Ctrl+C to copy and Ctrl+V to paste. Many of these hotkeys come built inside the operating system but we can also create our own custom hotkeys and assign a custom action to them.

But if you want to go a step further, then you can use FasterFiles. Usually a hotkey can do only one thing. But using this software, we can create hotkeys and assign multiple actions to them. The standard version of FasterFiles is available as a freeware program but the developers also offer a featured enhanced version which is not free.

FasterFiles has everything arranged properly under a hierarchical order. First we have to create a hotkeys list.  Under this list, we can create a hotkey. Under each hotkey, we can add actions list. Under the actions list, we can add one or more than one actions. These actions could be to open a file, launch a program, delete files, rename files, etc.


So what happens when you assign many actions for a hotkey? When you press the hotkey, a list window opens up and you can choose which of the actions you would want to execute. This can save a lot of time, if you design the hotkeys and associated actions very carefully. The FasterFiles websites gives detailed information about how to create hotkeys with multiple action lists and several actions.

The free version of FasterFiles is limited to have only three action lists per hotkey and each of these action lists can have only 10 actions. The paid versions have no such limitations and come with a command line version of FasterFiles which is useful for batch scripts.

You can download FasterFiles from