OneLaunch : Powerful Docking Bar for Windows 11

Starting with Windows 11, Microsoft decided to make the taskbar appear centered by default. This was perhaps inspired from the way macOS dock appears and how the icons are arranged there. But one thing that was missing is the top-side bar (called menubar in macOS). But now we can have even that (or something similar to it) on Windows 11 using a third-party app called OneLaunch.

OneLaunch is more of an app launching bar that sticks to the upper edge of your screen. It aims to significantly improve your Windows experience especially if you are coming from using macOS for many years. OneLaunch is a beautiful designed bar at the top of the screen which gives you quick access to the calendar, calculator, weather app, web browser and many more shortcuts.

OneLaunch is strictly designed for Windows 11 in order to keep your experience smooth and consistent with the rest of the operating system. It integrates very well with the Windows 11 design. However, the developers assure that it will also work on the older Windows 10 systems.


All the most often used items can be found in the OneLaunch bar. It appears as soon as you hover your mouse cursor near the top edge of the screen and it hides when you are working with some other application. It does not annoy you when you do not need it.

It comes with an in-built web browser of its own. This web browser is based on the open-source Chromium project. This is the same Chromium base code which is used in the popular Chrome, Edge, Opera web browsers. The OneLaunch bar also has a small search box using which you can directly search for something on the internet.

OneLaunch bar also has quick shortcuts to things like the recycle bin, the calculator app, Microsoft Store, webcam, microphone, copy-paste functions and more. It definitely makes life easier for Windows 11 users.

You can download OneLaunch from