JCleaner : Clean Junk Files from Windows PC

After using a Windows PC for more than six months, you will find that it has become a tad slower than it used to be. This is because of a number of unwanted files have accumulated on your computer’s storage drive. This is a result of installing many software and then removing them. Even when you are using a web browser, you are storing a ton of files on the local hard drive. Many of these files are not really necessary and can be safely removed to claim more drive storage space. But this must be done using a professional software like JCleaner.

JCleaner is a Windows application that can remove the junk files from your Windows PC. In addition, it can also be used to find and remove some basic errors from the Windows registry. The software is available in forms of an installer package as well as a portable program inside a ZIP file.

The user interface of JCleaner is relatively modern and offers all the tools under multiple tabs. There are different tabs for different tools such as registry cleaner, disk cleaner, history cleaning, manually cleaning, startup manager, uninstall manager, etc.


The registry cleaner can scan your system registry for a number of errors and remove them if necessary. However, many experts caution against using these registry cleaner software. You should backup the system registry using System Restore to be on the safe side.

The disk cleaner can find unnecessary junk files and remove them. The history cleaning tool can find and remove the browser cache, browser history, system user footprints, etc. Some of the software leave folders and registry hives even after the installation – these can be removed quickly using the manual cleaning section.

In addition of these cleaning tools, it also offers a startup manager which is great for controlling which applications are being automatically started with Windows. Similarly, the uninstall manager can help you remove the software and toolbars that have been installed on your PC.

You can download JCleaner from https://vitsoft.net/.