Han Trainer : Teach Yourself Chinese Language Words

People learn a foreign language for a myriad of reasons. Students learn a new language so that they can show it as an additional qualification in their curriculum vitae. Many business persons learn a foreign language because it makes it very easy to converse with the foreigners during business meetings. Travel tour guides learn new language so they can expand their client base and offer their services to many more foreigners. I know many of my friends learned Korean because they are interested in Korean TV shows.

If you want to expand your Chinese language vocabulary then you can use a software called Han Trainer. The title says Han because it is the largest group of Chinese people in the world. Han also shares many similarities with the Korean language.

Han Trainer

After installing Han Trainer, you have to enter your name which is displayed in the Han Trainer window. You have to begin by selecting one of the modes for learning. The available modes are TV mode, multiple choice, characters to English, Chinese-English, Pinyin, listening comprehension, focus on characters, focus on pronunciation, and all available modes. Depending on the mode that you choose, it will either help you learn more or test your knowledge.

The user interface of Han Trainer is in English and we can easily understand the information displayed without any problems. The focus of Han Trainer is on teaching how to draw the Chinese letters. It shows the direction and the flow of the strokes used to draw the various characters. Furthermore, it shows the English meaning of the various characters after a delay which forces us to memorize them everyday.

Han Trainer

Han Trainer cannot substitute a good teacher or a language course at the university, but it can be used as a helpful tool to encourage yourself in learning and practicing the Chinese characters.

You can download a demo version of Han Trainer from https://hantrainerpro.com/.