Vit Registry Fix : Repair Windows Registry in Minutes

On a Windows PC, all of the settings related to the operating system are stored in a database called Registry. The actual Windows Registry is stored in a few files which can be found inside the Windows system folder. As time passes and we use the computer, more and more data is stored inside these files which results in an increased size of the registry. When Windows loads larger or bloated registry, it takes a longer time to load and you can experience some delays in booting into the Windows Desktop.

With the help of a software called Vit Registry Fix, we can easily repair all the problems related to the Windows registry. It can find and remove some of the most common errors caused by obsolete entries in the Windows Registry. It can also be used to clean the Windows Registry and reduce its size. It should be noted that it does not remove any junk files and works only on the Windows Registry.

In the Vit Registry Fix window, we can simply click on the Scan toolbar button to start the scanning through the Windows Registry for any problems. But before scanning, we can also choose what kind of errors to look for. For example, we can choose to scan for errors related to ActiveX, COM, history lists, fonts, help files, sounds, file types, application paths, shared files, startup entries, uninstall programs, start menu shortcuts and more.

Vit Registry Fix

We can also choose to run a deep scan which takes a longer time to complete. Basically the scan looks for the missing files which are mentioned in the registry and then you can choose to remove them if needed.

Other than this scanning which is based on their algorithm, we also have access to manual removal tools. Using these tools, we can remove the left over registry entries from the uninstall data, history of accessing files and the more.

Like any other registry cleaner software, Vit Registry Fix should be used with extra carefulness. To start with, you should create a backup of the registry before using Vit Registry Fix. A backup can be created using the System Restore feature of Windows.

You can download Vit Registry Fix from