Passky : Password Manager with Clean User Interface

Everyone has multiple online accounts of various types and they all need a different password. If you want to use a really strong and unique password for all of them, then it becomes really difficult to remember all the login credentials. This is why we need a good password manager where we can store all of our login details in a safely manner. This password manager should be able to encrypt the saved passwords for security.

Passky is a password manager that is both easy-to-use and also very secure. It is an open-source application that focuses on the minimal and easy interface for the users. It is so lightweight that it barely uses any system resources.

Before we can use Passky, we have to create an account which is used to access the data stored inside the Passky account. If you are going to use Passky on multiple devices then you can use this same Passky account to access your stored login credentials on all of your devices.


We can import the passwords from other password managers. It supports all the popular password managers such as 1Password, Keeper, LastPass, Dashlane, Nordpass, KeePassXC, Bitwarden. It can also import passwords stored in web browsers like Firefox and Chrome.

Once you have added the passwords, you will be able to see all of the saved passwords on the main screen. We can add passwords manually as well. We can search  for specific passwords and modify them and copy information with a single click of mouse.

Just like it is very easy to import passwords from other password managers into Passky, it is also very easy to export the passwords. But the export option is not available for all the password managers. Furthermore, Passky allows you to backup your stored passwords and later restore them easily.

You can download Passky from