Ashampoo Privacy Inspector: Shows Hidden Windows Information

As we keep using our Windows PC, we leave tracks of how we are using the computer. Windows stores all this information in many different places in the computer. It saves some information in the Windows registry, while other information is stored in various kinds of system logs. For example, the events log can show when you started the computer and when you shut it down. The web browsers also keep information about which of the web sites you have visited on which day and at what hour.

All of these activities of a user are present on any Windows PC but is kept hidden from the user as it is not easy to access of all of this information. With the help of Ashampoo Privacy Inspector we can see what exactly is being hidden from the users in all the different places. We can also get the ability to control these elements along with the removal of unnecessary data affecting our privacy when using the computer.

Ashampoo Privacy Inspector is a user privacy protection tool that shows all the elements in the operating system that are hidden by default and could affect the protection of the user’s privacy. It is available for Windows users only. It has a modern user interface which displays you a summary of all the privacy related information after an initial analysis of your Windows PC.

Ashampoo Privacy Inspector

In its window, you can find frequently used objects, used search terms, frequently visited websites, most recently visited websites, saved login information, cookies, downloaded files and more. For each of these item types a separate section is available where you can see detailed information for them.

We can remove everything that other cleaning tools have left untouched on your computer, as well as view and delete the history of downloads and other items in web browsers. You can analyze search engine behavior and identify redirects, disable telemetry and unwanted data sharing.

Ashampoo Privacy Inspector allows you to securely delete sensitive data, analyze network traffic – including tracking online activity in detail. In order to activate this product, you need an Ashampoo account and request a trial key.

You can download Ashampoo Privacy Inspector from