TigerVNC : Open-Souce VNC Solution for Windows

Previously we have talked about an excellent open-source solution called TightVNC. There is a fork from TightVNC called TigerVNC which is built only for the Windows platforms. It is easier to use than TightVNC as it cuts down on all the complicated settings.

Using TigerVNC, we can access remote computers through the internet or the local area networks. The same application has be installed both on the local computer and the remote computer. On the remote computer, it acts as a server and on the local computer it acts as a client.

After ensuring that TigerVNC is listening on the remote computer, we can launch TigerVNC viewer application on the local computer. We have to enter the remote computer’s IP address in the VNC viewer and then click on the Connect button. If you are using VNC over the internet, then you have to provide the IP address assigned by the ISP and if you are using it over LAN, then you have to assign the LAN IP address.


In the options for the remote connection, we can change the security, compression, display, input and miscellaneous settings. The compression can be Tight, ZRLE, Hextile, H.264, and Raw. The security encryption can be TLS, ELS with X509, RSA-AES, and the authentication can be also be changed.

We can also customize the input settings. We can switch to the ignore input mode which means that we can only view the remote desktop and cannot use the mouse/keyboard. We can enable the clipboard actions for copying items between the remote desktop and the local computer.


The remote desktop can be displayed either in a windowed mode or in the full-screen mode. The fullscreen mode supports multiple monitor configuration. This way, you can view the local computer on one screen and the remote desktop on another screen.

In conclusion, we can say that TigerVNC is ideal for quick remote desktop connections without bothering about too many options. It is built upon some of the very well-praised code from RealVNC and TightVNC.

You can download TigerVNC from https://tigervnc.org/.