Malwarebytes Browser Guard: Blocks Phishing Sites

When using a web browser, we might come across many different types of malicious sites such as phishing and online scams. Phishing is very common type of cyber attack that can occur through myriad number of methods. Phishing attacks can happen through email messages, social media posts, and web browsers. In recent years, many web browsers have implemented security measures to help protect users from these phishing attacks.

Enhanced protection against phishing

But if you want enhanced protection from phishing and other malicious sites, then you can use Malwarebytes Browser Guard. It is a web browser extension which is available for Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox browsers. It can easily detect and block known phishing sites. It works by comparing the URLs of visited websites against a database of known phishing or malicious sites. It blocks such sites and issues a warning to the users when they encounter a potentially malicious site.

Malwarebytes Browser Guard

Easy settings for protection

After installing the Browser Guard extension, you will see a Malwarebytes icon in the browser toolbar. There is no need to change any settings as the default settings are perfect for all the users. However, we can click on this icon and then on the cogwheel icon to open its settings. Here we can choose to block trackers, malware, scams, gTLD domains, and provide protection for your card number.

Blocks scam sites

Without any protection of any kind, we have to check every site ourselves and still might get into the trap of malicious sites. But when Browser Guard is installed, we can browse websites without having to worry about scam sites. It can block both the phishing sites, scam sites and fake support requests. Additionally it can also prevent any web browser hijacking attempts. It can also filter clickbait, mining and fake news.

Malwarebytes Browser Guard


Malwarebytes is already known for its anti-malware software. And now this free extension can further enhance the protection from within the web browser.

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