Join and Split Files with Open-Source File Merger & Splitter

File Merger & Splitter is a Python based tool that packs two tools inside it – one for merging smaller files into a large file and the second tool is for splitting the large files into a number of smaller files.

It is an open-source tool, however the source code available on GitHub is only for the Python files. If you want to create a GUI from these files, then you have to do some extra work. The executables or binaries are to be created yourself or they can be downloaded from the server of the author.

Inside the downloaded archive, you will find two separate folders – one of the folders contains splitter and the second folder contains the joiner application. In the File Merger, you have to start by adding files or folders containing the files that you want to merge together. After adding the files to the list, you can click on the “Start Merging” button and it will merge them all into a single file. You will see the notification message when it has finished.

File Merger Splitter

In the File Splitter application, you will have to choose the large file that you want to split, and choose how many numbers of cuts that you want to divide it into. For example, you can choose to split a large file into 10 different pieces. Alternatively, you can also enter the size of a single portion and it will automatically calculate how many smaller portions the large file is going to be split into.

File Merger Splitter

The way these tools  are to be used is that first you split a large file into smaller portions. And later you can join these smaller portions into the original large file. This can be useful if you want to transfer a large file over the internet or through a smaller capacity USB pendrive.

You can download File Merger & Splitter from