Dezor : Fast Web Browser with Built-in VPN

Dezor is a relatively new web browser which is based on the Chromium project. It is very fast and easy to use web browser as it has gotten rid of the confusing user interface. In addition, it also comes with a very useful VPN service built inside the browser itself.

Dezor has been designed to make the web browser as less intrusive as possible and let the users enjoy everything else on the internet – videos, news stories or various online apps. To make the user have a great experience along with some anonymity, they have also integrated a VPN which is both free and fast. The VPN can be toggled on or off right from the address bar by clicking on the shield icon.

Another component that comes integrated with Dezor web browser is the open-source media player called MPV. This media player engine is used to play all kinds of media from all the internet sources right inside the web browser. We can use it to watch live streaming as well as watch videos from a number of video sharing sites such as TikTok.


When you start using Dezor for the very first time, you will quickly notice that it uses very large fonts for the address bar as well as the menubar. This type of user interface makes it easy for anyone to see what is written on the screen especially people of the older ages.

As far as the settings of the Dezor web browsers are concerned, it shows only a few options. In its settings, we can  change the languages, the search engine, the media player engine, etc. We can toggle dark mode, the developer mode, and background playing of the videos. There is also an option for resetting all the personalization.


Dezor is a fast and lightweight web browser with all the most demanded components already integrated such as the VPN and media player. But it is not open-source web browser and leaves the user in the dark about the VPN networks used by it.

You can download Dezor web browser from