How to Manage WiFi Networks on Windows with Ease

When we start using a Windows PC, we also need access to the internet without which the PC is not that interesting to use. The most used method of accessing the internet these days is through a wireless network or WiFi network. Every time we connect to a new WiFi network on a Windows PC, it saves the record of that connection.

In order to manage all the WiFi networks on Windows, you can use a freeware tool from NirSoft called ManageWirelessNetworks. This is a portable tool and can show you all the configured WiFi network profiles for your Windows PC in a list.

There are two ways to launch this program – by double-clicking to run it, and by right-clicking on it and then selecting “Run as administrator” from the context-menu. In the second method, we can get many more functions and options. When the program is run with administrative privileges, it can display the saved password for each of the WiFi networks.


We can right-click on any of the WiFi networks shown in the list and it shows many functions in the right-click menu. From here we can choose to edit the wireless profile, change the connection type (auto or manual), change the encryption type (WPAPSK-TKIP, WPA2PSK-TKIP, WPAPSK-AES, WPA2PSK-AES, WPA3PSK-SAE), rename the SSDI, rename the profile, duplicate profile, edit profile XML, copy the profile over to another network interface, etc.

We can also save the selected profiles into a file which could be a TXT, CSV, XML or HTML file. If you want to see the password (network key) for a WiFi profile, then you can double-click on it and check its properties. One of the coolest features of this program is that it can generate a QR code for any of the WiFi profiles. This QR code can then be scanned by a smartphone to automatically copy the WiFi network details.

You can download ManageWirelessNetworks from