Epic Games Store Giveaway : Recipe for Disaster

This week Epic Games store is giving away an interesting game titled “Recipe for Disaster”. It is a cooking simulation and restaurant management game. As the title of this game implies, you are going to grapple with all kinds of undesired situations when you try to manage a restaurant.

A typical day at work for you is going to be a nightmare. Just when you think that you have covered all the possible problems, you are surprised by something unexpected. You have to deal with employees who are unwilling to work, customers who are never satisfied, and you have chefs who claim they know how to cook a recipe but they fail at the last moment. On top of these, your suppliers are not picking your phone.

There is a lot of drama happening in this game. You have to yell at your employees to get them to work. You have to force them to clean the washrooms because customers have clogged them up. The waiters are not paying attention to the customer and the customer is deriving pleasure in making you mad.

Recipe for Disaster

In this game, everything is in your hand. You have to design a perfect restaurant with the right furnishings and the proper welcoming environment. You have to hire employees and assemble a dream team. You have to prepare the menus and get them printed. You are also going to create your own unique recipes so that the customer comes running only to your place. But in your dream, you should not forget all the problems that are waiting to spring on you when you least expect them.

You can claim a free copy of “Recipe for Disaster” restaurant simulation game from Epic Games store website at https://store.epicgames.com/en-US/p/recipe-for-disaster-83726f. You will need to install Epic Games launcher for both installing this game and playing it.