ImPlay : Cross-Platform Minimalist Multimedia Player

ImPlay is an open-source cross-platform media player with focus on being lightweight and a minimalist user interface. It is available for Windows, Linux, and macOS. For the Windows, it is available both in form of an MSI installer package and as a portable program.

ImPlay is actually based on other open-source media projects such as MPV which itself is a cross-platform media player but works only through the command line interface. With the help of Dear ImGUI library, ImPlay adds a very lightweight and bloatfree graphical user interface to the MPV media player. The result is a fast and light media player that can play any video or audio that is given to it.

If you install ImPlay on your Windows system, then it can associate the media file types with ImPlay. Associating the media files with ImPlay makes it much more convenient to play them using ImPlay. In the portable version of ImPlay, we have to manually open each of the media files in it. Fortunately, it offers the drag-n-drop user interface so that we can quickly drag the video files and drop them on the ImPlay window.


We can find various options to play, pause and skip to the next item in the playlist if we hover the mouse cursor over the ImPlay window. Its window can be resized and switched to the full-screen mode. If we right-click on ImPlay window, then we get tons of other options related to the playback of the media. We can also adjust the video and audio performance settings from the menu.

ImPlay offers GPU powered video decoding, high-quality video output, support for Lua script and Javascript, and offers access to a command-line interface. We can play almost all types of media files including the DVD and Blu-ray discs.

You can download ImPlay media player from