How to Find Camera Capabilities of Android Smartphones

When trying to find a gift for the upcoming Valentine’s day, I stumbled across many new models of smartphones that boasted of cameras with 200 megapixel resolution (such as Infinix Zero Ultra). Then the obvious question comes to mind, whether a camera with such a high resolution produce really good quality pictures or there are some other things that we must consider.

When asked, an industry expert replied that the quality of the pictures snapped using a smartphone camera also depends on the quality of the lens used itself. Some cheaper smartphones use lower end lens and it does not produce very good photos. On the other hand smartphones with Carl Zeiss lenses produces exceptionally good quality photos.

Another thing that can make a big difference is the size of the image sensor. Some of the smartphones from Vivo use Sony sensors along with Zeiss lenses. As a result, photos taken from them are brighter and have vibrant colors.

Camera2 API Probe

We can find the camera features  and capabilities of any Android smartphone using the “Camera2 API Probe” app. This app can use the Camera2 API provided by Android to find out the various capabilities of the camera, its make and model.

The app does not require anything to be done – just launch it and it will show on your screen a list of all the capabilities. It shows the information for both the front camera and the rear camera. Information regarding the hardware support level, exposure, AE lock, compensation range, compensation step, target FPS ranges, focus modes, white balance, AWB lock status,  capture, available capabilities, stabilization modes, preview sizes, photo sizes, video sizes, and more.

We can also find details about the smartphone screen and the system using the same app. But if you want to find more details about the system then you can use another app called CPU-Z.

You can get the “Camera2 API Probe” app from