GS-Calc : Powerful SpreadSheet Software for Windows

When it comes to spreadsheet or working on the data, we often think of Microsoft Excel as the only solution. But there are many powerful spreadsheet software available on the internet. For example, there is GS-Calc which is a very feature-rich and powerful spreadsheet software.

GS-Calc might not have the modern user interface that appears in the Microsoft Office products, but it offers a tremendous number of mathematical and statistical functions. It can open and edit very large data files including the CSV and XLS, XLSX files. It can work with very simple formulas to very complex data models with millions of formulas. It can easily handle multi-gigabytes of data. Using this spreadsheet software, we can create sheets with dimensions of over 12 million columns by 4096 rows whereas the total number of worksheets and sub-folders is unlimited.


GS-Calc is perfect for creating home and business earnings and expenditures statements. In addition, it offers the ability to edit very large text files and databases. It has a unique function of organizing sheets in the form of a tree and tools for importing, exporting and converting data in text format – dBase, Fox Pro or Excel XML. The program can save very large sheets comprising of 256 million rows. If the number of rows exceed the limit, then they the saved file is split into many smaller worksheets belonging to the same workbook.

We can install GS-Calc on any portable storage media such as a USB pendrive. This makes it very convenient to use it on any Windows PC. It uses SHA-256 hash algorithm to verify the integrity of the data before switching between various file formats. This ensures that the data stays the same in different file formats. We can also export the sheets into PDF file format which can be opened or printed on any device without needing a spreadsheet software.

You can download GS-Calc from